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Reflection week

2021 Week 7 Episode 2: Interview with Clara by Scienthya

Note: Hello and welcome to Parallel Worlds!

Just a quick note about the Reflection Week recordings this week. They were all produced in class by students on the Parallel Worlds course, who interviewed each other about some work they’d made during the course.

For most of the students it’s the first time they’ve recorded and published audio work, and of course the best way to learn how to do it is just getting on with it: having a task to do, and performing that task to the best of your abilities. The reason we’ve published them on the podcast feed is so that everyone can listen to each others’ work and provide productive feedback on how to improve the recording, scripting, interview techniques, and audio production that will be crucial to their final projects. Enjoy these peer-to-peer interviews.



It’s a quick chit chat with Clara, a Situated Design student at MIVC. She explains one of her work for Parallel Worlds module, Tears are the Drool of the Eye. Check it out!


Scienthya: Hi Clara. Did I pronounce it correctly?

Clara: Yes. It starts with a C and ends with a a Scienthya: [00:00:07] great. Now we’re going to talk about one of your work for the parallel worlds class. Would you please mention one of your work and then explain it a bit? [00:00:21] Clara: [00:00:21] Sure. So the first exercise I’m thinking of is actually the last one we did, which was about writing a list of lies and then picking one of them and having to narrate it in some kind of a newscast shape or whatever audio form that you want. [00:00:39] And so my life was about that. Tears are actually drools stripping on your face. So you’re actually hungry when you think you’re crying, which is also the truth, but I thought it was quite funny. Uh, and so what I did was that I narrated it in that. Almost like a diva way. So I was trying to, um, incarnate as, um, yeah, as a diva, as a kind of a drag queen person. [00:01:10] I mean, I follow RuPaul drag queen a lot, so they’re very sassy and I liked that. So I was trying to get that persona when I was speaking. And I also that’s, that was also due to the fact that they, um, There’s this commercial, uh, the snicker commercial, where it is, but you need to eat a sneaker because you’re too hungry or you’re becoming a diva. [00:01:34] So that’s the whole punchline like, Oh, you’re a diva. You should eat a sneaker. So I kind of did that in my own way. So I said that. Uh, you’re not crying right now. You’re actually hungry, uh, either bounty or a Mars or a sneaker because yeah, that’s what you’re doing right now. I’m not doing it as well as I recorded it because I, I was really living in my fantasy at that moment. [00:01:58] Yeah. I will send you the audio file so you can have a listen. [00:02:03] (audio file) [00:02:03] Do you feel that clear liquid secreting by a lacquer more glands? In other words, our warm tears slowly running on your cheeks. Well, all myths would say that you’re upset and sad, but I’m here to tell you that it’s all shenanigans dialing tears are the drool at the eyes. [00:02:24] You are hungry. End of story. So grab a sneaker, a Mars, even a bounty, and wipe off that salt on your face. [00:02:36] (end of recording) [00:02:36] But I actually enjoyed that exercise because having another persona in that way and not meeting myself for a minute. [00:02:47] Scienthya: [00:02:47] So yeah, maybe it’s out of topic, but would you prefer bounty or speakers? ] [00:02:56] Clara: [00:02:56] Well, I think that’s a tough one. I think I would prefer. Well, I mean, I like Mars. I don’t. Oh, you said between snicker and vaulting. Oh no. Then sneaker for sure. I thought you said Mars for some reason. No, no, actually sneaker. I like sneakers. I like the peanut and this is tasty [00:03:18] Scienthya: [00:03:18] back to the topic. But have you ever think to tell this lies to a kid or a person [00:03:27] Clara: [00:03:27] if I’ve ever told lies, or if I want to tell this lie? [00:03:31] Scienthya: [00:03:31] If you wanted to tell this lie? [00:03:34] No. Well, the way I said that lie was for anyone, but yeah, I mean, I guess I couldn’t follow the four kids, but for that exercise, I thought, no, that anyone’s a child, we’re all children. So I will just say to anyone that listens, that was it.


Produced by Scienthya.


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