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Class 04

  1. Studio activities
    1. Conversation
    2. Outcome
      1. Main project
      2. Teaching

Studio activities


In light of the current global crisis, we used this class to recalibrate how the course would be taught and run. We no longer have access to our buildings, and restricted to working online for the foreseeable future.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the conversation!


Main project

The course will now culminate in a project called ‘Wanderlust’, in which parallel worlds are created which can be experienced from any room. We’ll be working primarily in audio for this project, and publish the work to the new podcast when it’s complete.


There is a silver lining to this cloud! The course will be easier to participate in. We are switching to an asynchronous model of learning, with:

  • Lectures (30-45 minutes) and daily activities (10-20 minutes) delivered as a podcast, so that students can listen in their own time and fit learning around their lives. All podcasts will also have a transcript (for lectures) or instructions (for activities) to aid anyone who would like to read.

  • Pin-ups and crits will happen online via Padlet, rather than in class. Whilst the rest of the course can be seen and taken by anyone, the Padlets and feedback will only be available to students at MIVC.

  • Classes (only for MIVC students) will be more informal conversations to clarify and explore ideas around the content of the podcasts. We need to remember to build in the social functions that we’re all missing now too (coffee breaks, catching up, etc).

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