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We now have a podcast! This means anybody, anywhere in the world can follow this course at their own pace. There’s a new podcast episode every day of our term.

Full descriptions and transcripts of each podcast episode can be found on this website, along with all of the exercises on the short episodes. There’s a new episode every day of our term with exercises to do, which build towards our final assignment (a parallel audio journey).

You can subscribe via nearly all of the main podcast channels here, and leave a voice message for the show here (contributions may be used in future episodes).

There are two types of podcast episode:

Long episodes

These introduce a topic or idea, the equivalent of a lecture or talk in class. They’re about 20-40 minutes long, and introduce a field or set of ideas like a spoken essay. There is one long episode per class.

Short episodes

These are episodes filled with exercises that you can do every day, which build on the ideas presented in the long episodes. They should take 10-20 minutes to do and listen to. Episodes are released every weekday (but not during weeks when there is no class!).


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Want to contribute? Send a voice message!

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