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Reflection week

2021 Week 5 Episode 1: The House by Nick Bromann



Ollie Palmer:

Hello and, welcome to Parallel Worlds. This is one of several episodes which features an audio story made by students on the Parallel Worlds course at the Master Institute of Visual Cultures.

All of these projects were made during the time students were locked down due to coronavirus. you’ll hear the student describe their project in their own words: what it’s about, how they made it, and how you can follow their work.

It’s been a privilege working with such a great group of enthusiastic and imaginative students, and I hope you enjoy hearing their work as much as I do.

Nick Bromann:

Hi, my name is Nick Bromann. I come from a small town in Northern Wisconsin, the United States of America. I’m currently studying Situated Design at the Master Institute of Visual Cultures in Den Bosch.

I’ve always enjoyed design and drawing. I’ve been experimenting recently with slowness journeys and storytelling through design, film, and audio

My bachelor’s was in the Graphic Design and Fine Art with an emphasis in Photography and Drawing. I’ve graduated with my undergrad in 2014, but for the last five years I’ve been working professionally as a marketing specialist. And I decided to come back and get my masters in 2018.

My favorite things that I’ve produced before coming here have been very classic graphic design pieces: brochures, maps, type specimens, things like that.

The title of my piece is The House.

During the lockdown I was based in Minneapolis in the United States.

Following the coronavirus lockdown back in March the slow burn feeling of something being wrong, felt appropriate to explore for this project. Since I was in lockdown, all I had was my phone and myself. I was stuck in my house. There was no real way of collaborating with anyone in person. Plus I do prefer to make work alone, have complete creative control.

I wanted this story to appear natural at first and give a slow descent into the unnatural. So the rhythm of this fly hitting the window was the first, very slight indication of something being wrong. Something being up. I liked using the fly and that little sound, because it is so small that if you’re not looking, you might miss it, but it’s the first sign in the story. putting them pieces together feels a lot like putting together a book or a brochure as far as building pieces of a puzzle. I would say the only thing that wasn’t my own was the soundtrack.


If you’re interested in following me, I do have an Instagram account. It’s Broman dot Nick that’s B R O M A N N dot N I C K.

Narrator voice:

Thanks to all of the students on this course and to Ross Sutherland for feedback, and to the Centre for Applied Research in Arts, Design, and Technology for supporting this project. Music in this episode came from Ketsa and N c t r m m, see the show notes for links.


Music in this episode by Ketsa (Multiverse) and Nctrnm (Amber Haze), both used with Creative Commons licenses.


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