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Week 02 Episode 03: Exercises

Table of contents

  1. Listen
  2. Transcript
  3. Exercises
    1. Today’s writing exercises
    2. Today’s audio exercises:
  4. Further Reading
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Hello, welcome back to Parallel Worlds.

Today we’ve got two writing exercises and two audio exercises. You’ll probably have guessed the first writing exercise already.

Yes, that’s right, a 5-minute free write about your life. What’s happened? What’s changed? How are you thinking? Feel free to record, rather than write. Ready? Go!

5 mins

Alright, this is becoming a habit.

Now I’d like you to do the same – 5 minutes of free-thinking, either writing or recording, your thoughts about relationships between objects. Relationships between objects - 5 minutes, starting now.

5 mins

Welcome back! How was that?

As you might have guessed, that exercise ties in with our next activity. This one is an audio recording. I’d like you to review your immediate surroundings as an art critic. What is the artist trying to say with that half-drunk coffee? What’s the deeper meaning behind the sticker on the laptop, the shirt on the floor?

You have five minutes – since you have to use your phone to record this, and you might be listening on it, I’ll just put a pause in here. But 5 minutes to review your surroundigs as if they’re an artistic show, starting now.

And finally, I’d like you to continue recording daily life sounds. Re-record the same ones you’ve already done if you can, so we can see later if there’s change over time.

That is it for today – back tomorrow. Goodbye!


Today’s writing exercises

  • 5-minute free write about life at the moment
  • 5-minute free write about relationships between objects

Today’s audio exercises:

  • Produce a 5-minute review of your surroundings as if they are an art show, as if the placing of every object is a deliberate act and carries great meaning.
  • Carry on recording sounds from daily life (kettle, keys, doors, etc)

Further Reading

  • Resources - resources and inspiration for writing, producing, and editing audio stories
  • - a great list of audio resources


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